Michael Ostaski

World-Renowned Artist

His life is as interesting as his art. Michael Ostaski has traveled the world to share his passion for innovative, moving art. From celebrities to CEOs, art collectors to art lovers, everyone enjoys the eclectic energy that Michaels paintings bring to any space.

World-Renowned Artist

Astonishing Performance Art

What’s given Michael his worldwide reputation? Many have discovered his vibrant work through his live performance art, ART EXPLOSION!. During this heart-stopping performance, Michael creates a large painting to music, finishing within six minutes in front of an astonished audience.

Thousands of people across the globe have witnessed his incredible live performance art shows. While his performance art has allowed him to travel the world, it has also given him the opportunity to showcase his other art pieces.

Commissioned Artwork

If you are seeking to commission a portrait, mural or any type of painting, Michael will take your project from concept to completion. Whether it’s a mural in your restaurant, splatter art décor in your home or a custom portrait of your family, Michael will create a one-of-a-kind painting that reflects your vision.

Since Michael is a world-renowned artist, his paintings carry a valuable legacy that will withstand the test of time. Commission a portrait or celebrity art by Michael that can be passed down to your family members through the generations.

Visit the MosArt Gallery!

If you are in Albuquerque, you can see Michael’s work up close at the MosArt Gallery. The MosArt Gallery is the first time Michael has ever opened a gallery of his own, allowing him to display his paintings for the world to see.

No matter what part of the country or world you are in, Michael will take on your commissions. Contact MO to learn more about his prolific body of work.

For inspiring work by world-renowned air brush artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 to request a custom painting.