Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media ArtistMixed Media paintings by Michael Ostaski seem to leap from the canvas as he uses a variety of textures and layering for energetic, authentic pieces of art. As a world-renowned mixed media artist, Michael’s paints to his heart’s content, constantly changing his art until he reaches a perfect point of balance.

World-Renowned Mixed Media Artist

What inspires Michael? Just about everything. Colorful paints, objects with strange textures, oddly-shaped items—all of these combine for eclectic and unforgettable mixed media paintings. Because so many original objects go into a mixed media painting, those by Michael are 100% unique.

Art by Michael is inspiring, moving and eclectic. Whether it is a mixed media piece hanging in his gallery or a custom piece made especially for you, you’ll love the work Michael does. If you are interested in a custom mixed media painting, see our custom artwork page for more information.

The MosArt Gallery

You’ll get a feel for Michael’s work as a mixed media artist as soon as you walk into the MosArt Gallery. The use of acrylic, resin and oil painting is all around as part of the design of the floors, walls and displays. Just as Michael seamlessly blends materials and colors for an aesthetically pleasing art gallery, he combines materials seamlessly in his mixed media paintings.

Notice how his creations inspire even as they are part of the décor of the MosArt Gallery. You’ll awaken your inner artist when you view the inspiring artwork in the MosArt Gallery, which includes not only mixed media paintings, but also celebrity art, fine art and portraits.

Questions about mixed media by Michael? Contact MO today.

For artwork by world-renowned mixed media artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.