Michael Ostaski

Original Artwork

Original ArtworkMichael Ostaski creates diverse artwork using a variety of mediums. Eclectic and inspiring, Michael’s artwork captures the energetic qualities of the subject at hand.

Michael’s work includes both contemporary and fine art. His style is versatile, using a variety of styles to accomplish the right balance of energy.

Splatter art, airbrush art and acrylic brush styles may all be used to create colorful original artwork for public, residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you are beginning your art collection or are an experienced art collector, a piece by Michael is a statement. Every piece of his original artwork carries his renowned legacy as an artist with it.

After traveling for more than 30 years as an artist, Michael recently opened his first art gallery in New Mexico. Visit the MosArt Gallery to see Michael’s portraits, fine art and more up close.

Michael creates custom artwork and one-of-a-kind art pieces that cannot be replicated. Additionally, if you see a piece by Michael that you love but is not available, contact MO for a giclèe print.

To purchase paintings by world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.