Mural Artist

Mural ArtistMichael is known for whimsical mural paintings that are larger-than-life, but still approachable and attractive. Capture the spirit of New Mexico, or anywhere in the world, by breathing life into your space with a custom mural painting by Michael, a world-renowned artist.

For custom mural paintings, mural artist Michael Ostaski offers the best in colorful, contemporary artwork. As a mural painter for more than 30 years, Michael has created hundreds of hip, innovative murals for homes, businesses and public spaces.

Trompe l’oeil Murals

The French phrase “tromp l’oeil” means to fool the eye. In mural paintings, the technique is used to create the illusion of depth & perspective in the painting. Michael uses the trompe l’oeil technique in his indoor and outdoor mural paintings, creating anything from underwater scenes to black light paintings and more.

You’ll notice a mastery of technique as well as others in Michael’s murals. The creative use of line, color and space gives a three-dimensional appearance to his murals, which can be seen in dozens of public, residential and commercial spaces across the country, including hotels, restaurants and casinos.

Home Mural Artist

Transform your child’s nursery. Wow guests at your recreation space. As a mural painter, Michael can make any dream a reality with vibrant, innovative murals that bring a touch of inspiration to any residential space. Awaken your inner artist every day with a home mural painting by Michael.

Commercial Mural Painter

Michael creates landmark murals that make your business stand out. Clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos across the country have enjoyed the benefits of Michael’s mural paintings. Many CEOs have enhanced their office décor with Michael’s mural art as well.

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