Michael Ostaski


Awaken your inner artist and inspire your guests with ART EXPLOSION!, a one-of-a-kind art show featuring world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski. ART EXPLOSION! has been shared around the world for:

  • Corporate events
  • Musical acts
  • Halftime shows
  • Award ceremonies
  • Private events
  • Product launches

EventsWhat are events by Michael like? ART EXPLOSION! is a musically-backed visual art show unlike any other. Paint flies about the canvas as Michael works to create a 6-by-7 foot painting of a favorite athlete, musician or celebrity of your choice.

Inspirational Entertainment

Your guests will be dazzled as they try to guess who Michael is painting. They’ll be so amazed by the final result they will probably ask to take the painting home with them! It’s a fun, cool, exciting show that your guests will never forget.

What makes ART EXPLOSION! so unique is that your guests get the opportunity to watch an artist work in a way that is fast-paced and set to their favorite musical artists. When was the last time you watched somebody paint? Michael has turned this into an art form.

Booking Michael Ostaski

Michael’s performance art is managed by Celebrity Enterprises. For questions about ART EXPLOSION!, or to book an event, contact Celebrity Enterprises by calling 505.286.4747.

Book your ART EXPLOSION! event today. Contact Celebrity Enterprises at 505.286.4747.