Michael Ostaski


Michael Ostaski biographyMichael Ostaski made his first brush painting at 8 years old. The son of an accomplished magician Michael was on stage before he was even born as his mother performed with his father as a magician’s assistant.

Today, Michael has transformed the visual and performance art of his father by combining both in an incredible, heart-pumping art entertainment show called ART EXPLOSION!

Michael has always worked outside the box—if he wasn’t a traveling artist, he would have been playing guitar on the street corner.

His passion for life is incorporated into his art that is colorful, eclectic and innovative. He loves to inspire and spark the creative imagination of those viewing his paintings, whether they are artists or simply art-lovers.

Michael was always an artist, an occupation that was much influenced by his artist/magician father, who went by the stage name, “Mickey O’Malley”. Because of his father’s influence, Michael painted his first portrait at the age of 8 and created his first mural at the age of 12!

When he was 21, Michael adopted his free-wheeling lifestyle, determined never to be settled in one place. For 2 years, he built a 40-foot rolling home with his own hands, and proceeded to travel up and down the California coast for 18 years!

He began by airbrushing everything from T-shirts to fancy cars, then began to paint murals for nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and casinos. His work is now found in nearly every state and some in Europe as well.

ART EXPLOSION! began after Michael caught a break working on backdrops and costumes for the “Pink Flamingos”, one of the busiest show bands on the corporate scene today.

The band wanted to have an artist paint and perform onstage while playing music for an exciting audio/visual experience. This type of performance art follows in the footsteps of artists like Andy Warhol and Deny Dent.

Today, Michael is one of the few artists in the world to do 6-by-7 foot paintings live on stage, creating large celebrity portraits in 6 minutes. Contact MO to find out more about his artwork.

Contact world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski at 505.286.4747 for inspiring custom artwork.