Custom Portrait Process

Custom Portrait ProcessCustom portraits by artist Michael Ostaski are a timeless gift. Based off of a photograph of your choosing, Michael will create your custom portrait in the following steps:

  1. You’ll bring Michael several photographs to work from and specify what you are looking for in your portrait.
  2. Michael will get to know your goals and understand your favorite hobbies, things or places to be incorporated into the custom artwork.
  3. Before he begins your custom artwork, Michael requires a deposit.
  4. Michael will sketch some ideas and ask for your feedback before selecting a final concept. He’ll discuss the type of medium needed for your painting.
  5. Michael will give you a time frame as to when the portrait will be finished.
  6. Michael gets to work on your portrait. He’ll work on capturing the expression in the eyes and the essence of your personality to create a portrait that is beautiful, unique and reflective of who you truly are.
  7. You will purchase the painting and Michael will deliver it.
  8. Michael will put finishing touches on the painting per your request.

These days, anyone can take a photograph. Turn your memories into a keepsake with custom artwork by Michael, a portrait that will be passed down through generations.

Purchase Paintings by Michael

Michael puts his passion for life and passion for painting into all of his custom artwork. Whether you need a custom portrait, mural or any fine art piece, Michael will deliver original artwork that carries his valuable legacy with it. Contact MO to purchase custom artwork today.

To purchase paintings by world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.