Custom Artwork

Custom ArtworkThe process of creating custom artwork is a very intimate process between artist and client. Michael Ostaski has provided custom paintings and artwork for clients across the globe for more than 30 years and is happy to take your idea from concept to completion.

Custom Portraits

Michael’s custom portraits are one of the most popular aspects of his artwork. Basing his work off a photograph, he adds inspirational touches that truly capture the essence of the subject, painting them engaged in a favorite activity or locale to create something that cannot be captured in a photograph alone.

Custom Painting

Michael creates more than custom portraits—he also creates custom paintings of anything from objects to animals to innovative still life paintings. Whatever your vision, Michael will make it a reality through vibrant, energetic paintings that truly capture your ideas.

Custom Artwork

You commissioned an incredible, authentic custom painting by Michael. If you want to enhance your custom artwork, Michael will come into your home or work space to incorporate it into your surroundings. Interior design work is among Michael’s many talents as a world-renowned painter and artist.

Visit the MosArt Gallery

See Michael’s work up close by visiting the MosArt Gallery, the first of its kind in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Attached to a relaxing spa, you’ll awaken your inner artist as you relax and enjoy artwork by Michael and a handful of featured artists.

As a prolific, world-renowned artist, Michael carries a valuable legacy with all his pieces. Contact MO with questions or to request custom artwork.

For custom artwork by world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.