Celebrity Paintings

Celebrity PaintingsPerhaps one of the most popular aspects of his portfolio, celebrity portraits by Michael Ostaski are famed for capturing the essence of their subjects. Famous musicians, athletes, rock stars and actors are all subjects Michael paints. His work as a portrait painter has garnered attention from clients around the world.

World-Renowned Portrait Painter

It’s more than pop art. Celebrity paintings by Michael capture the essence of the celebrity he paints, whether it is the lively talent of a country singer or the supreme confidence of a sports star. The ability to capture the heart of his subjects has gained Michael a reputation as a master portrait painter.

His passion for celebrity portraits comes from his personal motto, “love what you do, and do what you love”. Just like his passion for artwork, Michael believes many celebrities are also operating under this simple philosophy. Bring that inspiration into your space with a custom celebrity painting by Michael.

Custom Celebrity Portraits

If you have a celebrity obsession, you know that a simple photograph or poster won’t do. Instead, contact Michael to create a custom celebrity painting that reflects what you love about the subject and is designed to fit in your home or work space.

Visit Michael’s MosArt Gallery

To see Michael’s stylized celebrity paintings up close, visit the MosArt Gallery in New Mexico. Enjoy the casual, relaxed atmosphere of Michael’s art gallery as his paintings inspire your inner artist and entertain your friends.

Feel the inspirational energy six days a week at the MosArt Gallery. Questions? Contact MO today.

For artwork by world-renowned celebrity portrait painter Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.