Air Brush Artist

Air Brush ArtistIf he had to choose only one medium to work with, Michael Ostaski would choose air brush painting. Traveling up and down the California coast, air brush art was how Michael made ends meet when he first became a traveling artist. Today, Michael brings air brush art to New Mexico and throughout the rest of the country.

Versatile Air Brush Art

Michael paints on just about any surface, but one of his specialties is automotive air brushing. Each of his vibrant automotive air brush paintings appear professional, but still have an innovative edge that can only be created by Michael.

His air brush art also includes painting on the skin, on fabric and is also used to create realistic portraits. Whether you need a banner or fantasy body art, Michael will create an innovative design that stands out.

Scrims—or backdrops for the stage—are also a large part of Michael’s portfolio. When you need a professional air brush painting to enhance your stage or set design, Michael delivers.

Visit the MosArt Gallery

See Michael’s air brush art in person at the MosArt Gallery, located in New Mexico. The MosArt Gallery is a relaxing, inclusive experience that allows you to truly experience the beauty that an artist creates.

As an airbrush artist, the work Michael creates is valuable. As a prolific, world-renowned artist, the MosArt Gallery is the first time Michael has set up a gallery to display his work after traveling the world for more than 30 years.

With artwork that includes portraits, fine art, murals and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the MosArt Gallery. Excite your imagination & invoke your inner artist. Contact MO today.

For inspiring work by world-renowned air brush artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.