Michael Ostaski

Acrylic Brush Style

Acrylic Brush StyleAfter 30 years traveling the world as an artist, Michael Ostaski is always enthusiastic to add a new medium to his repertoire. After honing his talent for acrylic painting for years, Michael is excited to bring this new medium of art to the world.

Michael’s thematic subjects range from nature to food to celebrities and fashion. Whatever the theme, the result is energetic, colorful acrylic paintings that unfold in an unbridled, free-flowing manner. Texture and color flow seamlessly to capture the spirit of the work.

His acrylic paintings include portraits and custom artwork. Conceptually, Michael’s artwork is always pushing the boundaries of what appeals visually and inspires the heart. Sometimes absurd, and often irreverent, all of his work is meant to move the person viewing it.

Visit the MosArt Gallery!

As a traveling artist, Michael has exhibited his work in California, the Caribbean and Europe. Today, he brings his art to New Mexico, at the MosArt Gallery, the first gallery he has ever founded—and the first time he has settled in one place in decades.

You’ll enjoy the casual, no-pressure environment of the MosArt Gallery. Relax with a cup of coffee on cushioned benches as you sit back and enjoy the artwork of Michael, a world-renowned artist.

The MosArt Gallery is always adding new pieces and is also home to several featured artists. Questions about the MosArt Gallery? Contact MO today.

To commission artwork by world-renowned artist Michael Ostaski, visit the MosArt Gallery or call 505.286.4747 today.